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Year 2 Clay Zambian Huts

In Year 2, children have been designing and making a clay model of a traditional Zambian hut, as they were learning all about life in Zambia. They have been learning new skills such as pinching, rolling and scoring and using them in their sculptures. 

Reception Diva Lamps

This week, Reception have been learning about the story of Diwali and how people celebrate. After being told the story of Rama & Sita, they made Diva Lamps, like the lights in the story to guide Rama & Sita home. They made them out of clay, and then decorated them with paint and glitter!

Year 5 Greek Vases

During Autumn 1, Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Greece. They have been using plastic bottles and modroc to design and create their own Greek vase sculptures and painted them with traditional Greek designs!

The children loved being able to invite parents and carers in at the end of the topic to share their knowledge and celebrate their artwork. Thank you all for coming!


Reception Self Portraits



In Reception, their topic is Me & My World, and they have been learning how to draw self portraits using oil pastels. They used mirrors to check what colour their hair and eyes and skin colour was, before selecting the correct pastel to draw that feature. They loved doing it and the pictures look fabulous!