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Welcome to Year 4 information:

Welcome to 4S PowerPoint


4H Welcome

PE days: 

4S -  Tuesday and Thursday.

4H - Thursday swimming.


We ask that your child has a plain white t-shirt, black shorts (jogging bottoms in the colder weather) and suitable footwear. Children are to come to school wearing their PE kits on their PE day. On swimming days children can come into school in their uniform and bring their swimming costume, a towel and a swimming cap in their bags.


Reading Books:


Reading is vital for your child’s development, so we naturally want to promote a love of reading here at St Clare’s. Your child will have opportunities to read in school, but we need your support too and we ask that your child reads daily at home for at least 20 minutes. Your child will be able to change their shared reading books daily, providing their reading record is signed. 




Literacy and Maths homework is sent home every Friday and should be brought back no later than the following Friday. We do understand that there may be occasions where this may be late, please just let us know in advance. Spellings based on the national Curriculum will also be sent home each Friday for your child to practise at home for the Spelling Test on the following Friday. Here is an overview of the spellings they will learn in Autumn 2: 

Year 4 Spelling Overview Autumn 2


Times Tables:


During the summer term, Year 4 will sit a Times Table assessment, this will test their knowledge of the 1- 12 times tables. We practice times tables in class daily, but we do ask that children also practice at home. To help prepare for the test children have a TTRockstar login, which is a great tool to help them practice. Below is a PowerPoint with more information about the assessment:

MTC 2023


 There is more information about the multiplication tables check on:



Below are our curriculum overviews for each half term.

year 4 sum 1 overview

year 4 spring 2

Year 4 Spring 1

Year 4 Autumn 1 overview

Y4 overview


Check out our videos on the four operations






Autumn Term In Year 4


Our pupils are happy and excited to be back at school! This Autumn, we are learning a lot of exciting things!



Our Science topic is the Digestive System, and pupils have enjoyed learning all about how our bodies work, and most recently our focus has been on the important role of the teeth in the digestive system. To show their understanding, they made clay models of our teeth, and spoke about the functions of our incisors, canines and molars!


Alongside leaning about the teeth and human digestive system in science, we have been looking closely at an owl's digestive system. We were fortunate enough to be able to dissect some owl pellets and find all the skulls and bones of the animals they have eaten inside! We had lots of fun identifying the different skulls, and comparing what a rodent skull looks like to  a bird skull. Some parents came in to join us in this lesson, and we had a lovely time!


The second topic we focussed on in science is sound. We have been doing lots of experiments to find out about how sound travels through vibrations, what materials are good at insulating noise and how sound changes depending on distance and height.



In DT, we have been learning about healthy, balanced meals, and looking at the food groups. To celebrate the end of this topic, we were lucky enough to make a pasta dish in school. We used a dash of oil for our oils and saturates food group, our carbohydrate was pasta, we had ham for our protein and cucumber and tomato for fruit/vegetables. The only food group we didn't have was dairy- we all agreed we would put cheese in next time! Pupils also learnt all about food safety (how to boil pasta safely, and cut vegetables) and really enjoyed eating the pasta afterwards!




In art we have been looking at the landscape artist Peter Hill. We are going to create our own art inspired by his painting and have been practicing different techniques using oil pastels, we tried blending, layering, using long and short strokes and pointillism. We really enjoyed practicing the skills. Here are some pictures we created after practicing the techniques:


In History we have started learning about the Anglo Saxons, looking into all the reasons why they left countries like Denmark and Sweden, and decided to settle in England.


In Geography, we have really enjoyed learning about the countries of the world. We began the topic by learning about the seven continents and then we looked in detail at the countries inside each continent and what kind of features to expect.


In RE, our first topic was all about Family. We have talked about our own families, and now we are studying Jesus' family tree. Pupils have found this so interesting so far! 

Our second topic was all about Baptism and being Called by God, we learnt about how god calls in different ways. We looked at how Jesus called his apostles and how we will soon be called for confirmation and what we can expect during the sacrament. We spoke about how we can 'live in the light' and looked at examples of people who were guided by the Holy Spirit during their lives. Below is an example of some art work we created all about the Holy Spirit:


To celebrate the start of Advent, pupils have been thinking about Special Promises they can make throughout the month of December. Pupils have written promises such as "every day in Advent i vow to follow instructions at school," and "every day of Advent I promise to help people who are upset," and "every day in Advent I promise to always be kind" and "every Sunday in Advent I will attend Church." It was a lovely lesson, and pupils really enjoyed thinking of their promises!


4H Advent Promise


We have been working really hard so far this year in Maths, and we have been lucky enough to have a times table workshop. Pupils in Year 4 absolutely love the competitive games they played to help work out their times tables quicker!




Pupils enjoyed being creative with their multiplication skills, and did some problem solving with times tables. Their job was to plan a party for a class of 30, with a budget of £1600. They had a list of items and they had to work creatively and methodically to see how much of each item they could afford to buy!

4H Multiplicaion Party Planning