Welcome to Year 3 2022 -2023! 

The class teachers this year are Mr Aldred (3A) and Mr Keogh (3K)

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything throughout the year.

Year 3 welcome presentations

3A Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Check out our videos on the four operations:






Important dates!


PE for 3A is on Tuesdays and Fridays

PE for 3K is on Mondays and Tuesdays

Homework will be given out each Friday and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday.

Spellings for 3A will be given out each Monday and will be tested the following Monday.

Spellings for 3K will be given out each Monday and will be tested each Friday.

We will also start setting times tables to be learned and these will be tested each Friday too. 


This term, we are going to have lots of fun learning opportunities. Please see the document attached to see what your child will be learning in each subject. Keep checking back to see regular photographic updates of all the learning we are doing in class. 


Y3 Curriculum Overviews 2022/23


Y3 Curriculum Overviews 2021-22




This half term, we have been learning how to add and subtract using the column method, as well as learning more about place value. We have found Base 10 to be invaluable in reminding us about place value and helping us to exchange.


We used our skills to problem solve. We particularly enjoyed our sweetshop maths. We had to figure out how many chocolate bars we could make - but every topping cost money! It took a lot of adding up and subtracting to get our recipes just right!



We have been looking at rocks and soils in science.

We started out by learning the difference between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. We made our own models of the rocks out of play dough.


Finally, we explored different types of soil and what each soil type is good for. We went on a walk round school to observe the soil, and to study it's look, feel, and even it's sound! Then we used filter paper and water to see which soil held the most water.



We discovered that the soil in the prayer garden holds the most water.



We have been learning about volcanoes in geography, and brushing up our map skills by looking for different volcanoes around the world. 

We have looked at different volcanoes, and the effects their explosions have had on their locations.


To celebrate, in DT, we made volcano models. We decided to use a bottle as a base and papier mâché paper around it to build a base. However, this proved tricky, so we turned to clay instead. 



Unfortunately for some people, their volcanoes completely cracked apart when they had to paint them. We evaluated our work and thought about how we can ,make it better next time. 


{gallery-slideshow:Year 3 volcanoes 2}


Over the last few weeks of half term, we had such an exciting time.


Year 3 went on a trip to the Jewish Museum in Cheetham Hill. We learned a lot about all of the different artefacts and about the synagogue. We asked lots of insightful questions and had a fantastic day visiting the Museum and exploring it's treasures.


We also had a graffiti workshop in the hall upstairs to celebrate Black History Week. Some of us used spray paint and some of us used markers to make our beautiful art. 




Finally, we had a circus come to visit us. We had so much fun joining in with the clowns' tricks and learning some fantastic circus skills!





Our very talented Year 3 pupils dazzled their audience with a fantastic performance of the Nativity play ' The Inn Crowd.' The acting and singing were amazing. The children and audience enjoyed every moment of the show.


Year 3 The Inn Crowd